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I had made a 10" cake pan & cut it into 1/2 & layered it so If i use teh same pan to set the chocolate, do I need to greese the pan with CRISCO before I pour chocolate into it? or shud I line the pan with wax paper or saran wrap . Thanks 4 being so helpful.Regards,Karen
Thanks 4 ur response cathy, it seemed very helpful. I had 1 question, If i used gumpaste for the sides of the crate it will harden right? So will pple be able to cut into it? I have previously used gumpaste for flowers only.
Thanks 4 ur prompt response , however wats the recipe I need to use to make the chocolate.Is it same as modeling chocolate?
Can some1 plez advise on how I make chocolate slabs.I intend to use it on sides of a rectangular cake to make a Wine bottle Crate.Also how do I give it a wooden effect (kinda like marble effect ) ?Please help. I have to make this cake by wednesday.
Can some body please respond 2 my queries.Also need to ask how do I make chocolate slabs to make the sides of teh crate boxTIA
Tx 4 sharing the link icer101. It helps to an extent but wanted other alternatives too.
I am planning on making a wine bottle in a crate. I read a lot off pple mention that they have used gumpaste to make the bottle.I have used gumpaste in the past only 2 create flowers.My question is will I be able to cut the cake if I use gumpaste(Wilton) or shud I just use MMF & add tylose to it.Or do u suggest that I use 50-50 gumpaste & fondant.I was wondering if I cud use chocolate to make the bottle.But wud any kind of chocolate form a hard shell around the bottle when...
Hi Shareen1987,Plz find attached a link to a youtube video which might be helpful. had made a convertible car previously ,but thats quite different from teh lightening McQueen .HTH.Birthday greetings to ur son & I'm sure he'll love the cake you make for him
Tx Jamie for ur prompt response & helpful tips.I'll keep them in mind .I'd like to add that I used clear vanilla essence , So I guess its just the butter maybe. I usually use Land O lakes butter.
Hi all,I just wanted to let you guys know that I tried the SMBC recipe from CC that Jamie recommended 2day,Turned out yummy,Just that I feel its not as white as I had expected ;-( & not too stiff either (Not runny either) Did I do something wrong , coz in the images shared by others it looked pretty white .I was wondering if I can use this under fondant, coz it looks so much like whipping cream with a silky smooth texture?
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