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I am looking for ideas on how to transport gumpaste flowers so that they don't break when I ship them?
Does any1 have a sleigh template. Also any tips & advise I need wen making it is much appreciated. It wud be nice if I cud find a tutorial , do share a link if any of u have 1.TIA.
I just used the wiltons orange to make my Tigger. You can checkout the pic in my photos.
I am making gumpaste flowers & they seemed 2 have turned out pretty ok considering it was my 1st attempt. But I am having a hard time getting some info on how to color them.Wat kinda dust is good & wats the difference between petal dust, pearl dust & luster dust. any info /help with this regards will be much appreciated. Also I wud like to know will i get the pale dust without the shine in Michaels stores? If so wat brand do they sell ?Also wat wire is this lady using in...
My hubby is having a get ur kids to work day this week & I was thinking of carrying a cake to his office .Do you have any ideas wat cake shud I make for a group of 18-20ppl including kids ranging from 1-7yrs.Looking for ideas on wat cake cud please both kids & parents
I have no clue on how to get the right color for Eyeore. I am making a 3D winnie the pooh cake for next week.Kindly Help . TIA
Thanks a lot Diane,As usual ur always there to answer my queries, I truly appreciate all ur help. Warm Regards,Karen
I used Piping gel & it worked just fine.Thanks to 1 & all for ur response.
Can some1 plez advice what do I use to glue Gram cracker crumbs to the fondant to give it a sand effect.I'm working on making an island.I need to make this cake for tomorrow.Shud I brush it with piping gel?Looking fw to a prompt response TIA
here are links to a few videos I referred to on youtube.
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