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I heat the cream to nearly boiling in the microwave, toss in the chocolate, and let it sit for a minute or two. Then I stir it all together until absolute no chocolate chips/shards/bits remain and it's smooth.   I do not melt the chocolate, I heat the cream.
I cream my butter and sugar together and then add eggs. It does split for a minute, but it comes back together.
When I'm putting a cake board (with cake on it) onto another cake board (I call it the final board and I often don't do the final board until I'm nearly done with the cake), I use a piece of double-sided carpet tape between the two boards. A smear of buttercream has failed me in the past so I only use it to adhere a cake to a board, never to adhere 2 boards together.
Urgh! I think you're right. I've been having trouble of that kind with the white fondant I made, too.   I can't think of a way to cut out the section and patch it without it showing unless I change the design. I think about it while I'm applying edible images to the other tiers. Thanks!   Great looking cake, Cat! You did better with one hand than I am with two. lol
Oy! I've got a big problem! The fondant is ripping horizontally on my bottom tier. It started with a crack and just keeps going across. It acts as if there's nothing underneath it?????   I squirted water under it in case the buttercream was too crusted for the fondant to adhere to it then used gum glue on top of the fondant. It kept going and pulling down so I softened up some fondant to fill the space and again used gum glue to adhere everything. I fear it's still going...
When potential clients start talking like that, I start talking labor, overhead, and supply costs. Frankly, it's cheaper for the client if I make an 8 and a 12 inch cake and decorate it rather than messing with cupcake pans, liners, filling and filling and filling an icing bag, etc... plus the cost of a "show" cake. It doesn't make financial sense for them, they won't get a "wow" cake (which is why you go to a custom baker), and everyone will know you cheaped out on the...
Ooooh deaarrrrr lorrrd.   Nope, not the same. Not nearly. Not even close. Is it even fondant covered?   I imagined that the cascade would be thinner (not as wide) to account for the lack of flowers. I did not expect that the other caker wouldn't even stack the cakes.   The stand is bigger than the cakes. Who does that?   The way the flowers are arranged make it look like a birthday or other occasion cake- not a wedding cake.   Do you think the bride...
If it's just the very top of the cake in the middle of the top, try reducing the sugar just a little bit. I reduce the sugar when I make WASC and no more gummy tops.
Yep. I'd flip it upside down to do the string work. Not that I've ever done string work, though it just seems to me the best way to accomplish it.
It happens to me every time I try to do something with frozen cake. I don't know why it works for other people,  but it's never worked for me.
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