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Sorry!! Does this link work?'s the third wedding cake on the page. The purple with the Cala Lillies.Thanks in advance!
Ok! Let's try posting this in the right category!! Friends of mine have requested a cake like the picture in the link below. How do I get this color/look? Here's a link to the cake http://static.weddingandcakes......-cakes.jpgAny advice is greatly appreciated!!!
I made a Lightening McQueen cake using the wilton 3D car pan. I only had to slightly carve the cake a bit to make it look like a sports car. It was pretty simple, and it turned out great considering it was one of the first cakes I made.I tried to post a picture, but it doesn't look like I can add attachments. You can see the 3D Cars Cake here luck!
Hmm...i can't seem to post the picture! Here's a link to the cake
Friends of mine have requested a cake like the picture attached. How do I get this color/look? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
Hi Leah,I used Ener-G egg replacer...I'm considering using another brand (Bob's Red Mill) for my second attempt, and adding a pudding mix and milk instead of water. Hopefully this will result in a firmer cake.Could I also ask your opinion on stacking the cakes. It's hexagon, so I couldn't buy SPS, and am using dowels. Do you think a soft cake on the bottom will cause issues when stacking?
Thanks for your opinion cakesnglass. The reason it happened is because it's an eggless cake using a cake mix. I'm just nervous about starting from scratch because I don't know how much better the second try will go! But fingers crosses!!
I`m still pretty new to making wedding cakes. I`m currently making a four tier cake. My bottom tier is a crumbly disaster. I used a betty crocker mix for this cake, which I find is often moist and crumbly..however since this is a large cake it`s posing a bigger problem than normal. The bottom layer of cake is ok, but when i placed the top layer on top of the filling large pieces broke off. I tried to patch it together and crumb coat. As I was crumb coating cake just...
I tried to bake cookies for a bouquet with the wilton sticks inserted. The sticks weren't set far enough into the cookie, so they have separated from the cookie. What is the most secure way to attach the stick to the cookie or cello bag?Your help is much appreciated, as I'd love not to have to rebake the batch! Thanks!!
Hi Maria, I haven't dipped, but I've had some success with keeping the icing consistency a bit thicker and using a spoon to spread. Depending on the shape of the cookie you can get a pretty even edge. Then I give it a bit of a shake, right away, so that the icing has a smooth/even finish as it dries. I found this to be quicker than outlining and flooding.
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