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I need help please! I am doing my first wedding cake which is due tomorrow. the bride wants ribbon on the bottom of each tier. It's silky one inch ribbon. My concern about this is, if I put it on then put the cake in the fridge, it will sweat when i take it back out and ruin the ribbon. Is there something special i should use to keep this from happening? Please help! Don't wanna ruin this cake!
I did a cake for my hubby's squadron's first annual ball last year. The cake came out was 90 degrees the day I delivered it, but I was very prooud of the royal icing flash and badge I did. Is it for a special occasion?
I need some peace of mind quick!! I did a cake for my husband's squadron's first annual ball. We we're scheduled to go out of town this weekend so I told them I would have to deliver the cake Friday night. When I did, the recption hall's kitchen was so hot my BC began to soften. I made two RI images. I did not remove them from the wax paper, I just cut out the shape. I placed the RI images on the cake with the wax paper between the BC and the image. I haven't heard...
I imagine you would only use water (like in making MMF). I imagine that would be a lot more stiff and better for figures.....Thanks jlynnw!
I am interested in getting some cake dummies to practice on and make my b-day cake with. Where is the best place to get them?? Any advice? and once used, can they be reused? I would hate to get them and only be able to use them once. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!TIA!
I used store bought RKT also.....when you smush a couple together after warming them in the microwave for a few secs, they are easy to manipulate. That is what I did for my pineapples and tires on my Optimus prime cake.
I have found that pushing down when it immediately comes out of the oven really helps with the leveling and there is no cake waste!......of course my husband was not happy when he couldn't find the cake scraps and I told him what I did!!! I really hope you did not scratch this cake.......any mistake can be fixed! I have found cake to be very forgiving! throw on some cake pieces, slop on the icing, cover it with name it can be done.
I didn't attend the week long convention but I did go to the cake gallery on Saturday and OMG!!!! It was so AMAZING to see these great cakes up close.....I have a list of skills that I can't wait to accomplish. It really makes want to work toward going to next year's convention. I did have a question.....were all those cakes up for judging like a cake contest??? If so who won?
I am curious to know what is the most effective method of attaching flowers and such to the sides of fondant covered cakes. I thought it was gumpaste adhesive like I learned in the Wilton courses but then heard about using RI....but then saw on Amazing Wedding Cakes they were using melted chocolate. What is your opinion on what works best?? I have a cake coming up and I want to make sure this is PERFECT! Thanks for your help!
I just did my first FBCT was a spur of the moment decision. I had never done one before and it came out quite nice and took me about 45 mins. I didn't think I could pull it off cuz it seemed hard but it was fairly easy and came out quite nice and I used a shortening based icing. I only had and hour to freeze. It worked out fine.
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