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Hi, If you get in touch with Cynthia Korman from Cynthia Korman Photography and Design (on Facebook)she. Is. Amazing! And an absolute pleasure to work with. She did my logo and does all of my professional cake photos, business cards, photo boards etc! She ya also helping with my web design:) anyway check her out! Worth a look for sure!
Hi,   I make RKT all the time, and in the beginning, it was a total nightmare, ugh. Now, I grind up my Rice Krispies in my food processor and I use 1 cup more the recipe requires, and I use real butter. Works great now! And there are no rice krispie pieces jutting out randomly. I also learned that it is best to mold the treats when they are not quite cool but not still super warm. But a quick zap in the microwave is sure to bring back the elasiticity.   HTH
Ain't that the truth!
I can tell you this from experience. Unless you are 100% confident that you can do the design that she wants, DO NOT DO IT!  If it does not turn out, your guilt about not saying no and her anger about it not turning out will loom over your heads for a very long time. She should understand and respect your decision.   Do something you know you are capable of. Doesn't need to be easy; challenge yourself, but stay within your limits.
I don't really care for the marble either to be honest. What I do in the event that someone orders marble though, is just cut my 2" layers in half. 1 choc and 1 vanilla and just layer them chocolate-vanilla-chocolate-vanilla. I hated doing it the other way because my vanilla and chocolate cook at different temps and the vanilla ends up quite brown etc so I decided to start doing it that way. Marble is no longer such a PITA, it looks fantastic when you cut into it, and...
Ohh this is my BIGGEST fear! So sorry that this happened to you:(
Hello everyone!!   It's been awhile since I have posted, things just got a little nutso around here! I have been watching the forum every week though and everything looks great! Cat, what a lucky little girl! And Ruthie, for a lot of firsts it sure looks spectacular! I love the Ombre:) My favorite style I think. I would ombre everything if I could, my hair is even ombre, haha!   This week is a slower week than it has been, My husband and I just had our 3 year...
Cat: Gorgeous!  It seem that venues are really starting to get ridiculous with the "cutting" fee. It astounds me! Here, they charge a 1.00 per serving cutting fee BUT they will not allow someone to come in and cut it (I have offered)  So if you bring in cake, they charge you either way whether they cut it or not. Oye. Anyway, the bride is happy and that's all that counts:)   Aunt Ginn; Love the pink and Black one and the mustaches are adorable. Still don't really...
Done!! The flowers are fake. The mom Wanted all the same flowers so she bought them for me.
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