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Thanks for taking the time to do step by step pictures. I am a visual learner, so this was a big help!
Thanks For Sharing
Glad for you and your mother!! Praise God! Chef-Stef share your recipe if you wouldn't mind
I dont know if you were planning on using that red strawberry glaze with the fresh strawberries, but I would not for the same reason as not adding any sugar to your berries. I also would wait until maybe Friday morning to assemble your cake. Good Luck
Thanks for the recipe
I use this product all the time with no problem with my cakes sticking. However lately the past 4 cans I have had to take back because after a few uses the nozzle stops "spraying" It comes out in a thick single line. I always run the sprayer upside down under hot water and this still does not help. I dont know what the problem is, but the company needs to correct this!
When and where in Orlando??? And do U know the cost??Thanks
Im going to check that out too. Thanks!!
That is tooo funny!!! Thanks for the ideas!!
Usually with a fork! Thats also how my jumbo cupcakes are eaten, unless of course U have a really big mouth or just dont mind getting frosting all over your face.
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