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I am somewhat of a newbie.  I made the "Doctored Buttercream Dream" frosting (delish) but after sitting out at the party, the frosting started to melt...why?  What did I need to add to stop this?   Any advise would be helpful!   Karen
Thank you...great idea but there should be an easier way, you know?  But I will do just what you said!  Have a nice day!
I am finding this new Cake Central very confusing to use.  How in the world do you print a recipe that I have saved in my favorites???   HELP
I just wanted to commend all of you talented cookie designers on your beautiful designs.I attempted to make my first batch of cut out cookies with RI and what a tedious job that is and what a pain in the butt.I ended up throwing away about 10 because my icing was too thin, too thick...ugh!NEVER AGAIN!
I made these last year for my daughter's 4th grade class and some of the kids wouldn't even eat them because they were completely grossed out LOL. They look so real and are so fun to make! Thank you so much for sharing!Karen
Thank you everybody for the responses. This answers so many questions. Now do I do styrofoam, RKT or cake LOL
I have read some people make their Mickey Mouse hats with 1/2 ball pan and others with RKT. If you use RKT, do you make the hat hollow (just the shell RKT) or is it a heavy hat....1 big chunk of RKT to fill the pan? I hope this makes sense.Also, what do you cover the RKT with frosting or melted chocolate before you cover with fondant.SO MANY QUESTIONS!
Thank you.
How does everybody get their buttercream and fondant so black? I am dying to know and I would like it to taste yummy, too!Thanks!
Should have, but didn't. Still in the learning process. Thank for the advise. Next time I will remember that. I do loving making them although they never come out the way I plan them to! Bummer
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