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Great tip, thank you!
Thanks very much for your reply momma28! I love your topsy turvy gift box cake, but all of your cakes are awesome. I will try your technique for sure, it definitely worked for you! Julie
I have a question about a Tiffany box cake that I am making for my sister next weekend. When you do a gift box cake how do you get the top edges, around the top smooth? I don't want to just add a band around the top to make the cover edge because there will be a seam. Do you just make a small cake layer bigger than the others and cover it separately in fondant?Thanks!Julie
thanks Leily!!
Just wondering if anyone can help me estimate how many pounds of fondant I will need for a wedding cake I am making this summer...I want to purchase the fondant in advance because I am making the cake while away from home on vacation. It is a 3 tier luggage cake:9x13"11x15"12x18"Thanks so much!!Julie
I used the Golda's one for the first time last night, it was good but I found it a little softer than the white fondant, perhaps all of the chocolate ones are like that..
I made a bridal shower cake with choc fondant and choc ganache last night and the ganache was getting soft under the fondant and the girl I made it for had to drive 3 hours with it today, so I decided to put it in the refrigerator overnight to harden the ganache and it was fine. I think the key is to not touch the fondant after it comes out of the fridge. I also put the Mario cake in my photo gallery in the fridge overnight, it was fine.
I use MMF and have never gotten cracking, but I have used the Wilton kind and no cracking either. When you roll out your fondant are you using corn starch, powdered sugar, or crisco? I always use crisco because the others can dry it out.
I decorate my cakes right before I give them to the person, they never sit in my kitchen for more than one night after being decorated.
Hmm, interesting Mike, thanks' for the you guys/gals with the 600 pro make much mmf in yours? That's my biggest concern...I think I will be making a lot of it.
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