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Thank you
Can someone tell me what decorating tip to use to make Elmo's fur look real?
Thank you all so much for all your help. I am looking into Lorraine's tutorials right now and I think that is the way I am going to go. I want them to look good. Thank you all again
I am trying to make 2 standing up men and then I have to make a pregnant lady.
Does anyone know of a tutorial or a website anything at this point on how to make a person from fondant?? I am having a very hard time and I need to make it look good. Please can anyone help me.....
How would I go about making a cake into a cube or block shape like for a baby shower?? For some reason I am having a hard time figuring out what pans to use to begin with.
I need to make a skull out of modeling chocolate that needs to sit on top of a 6in cake and I do not know what I should use for a mold? I can't seem to find a mold that size and suggestions???
Does anyone have a way to make something that looks like honey for a cake I am making??? I don't know what I can use that will look like honey without actually using it.
Yes that is the exact car I was talking about...thank you so much for posting a reply. I was thinking gum paste for the fins also. I was not sure as to how detailed I was going to be able to be but I just needed someone else's opinion about how to go about pricing this. Thanks so much
I have been asked to sculpt a slingshot race car cake for a graduation party and I have never done anything like this before and I do not know how much to charge to do it?? I did a basic 3 tiered cake for her niece's party and she saw that cake and I was paid $100 for that cake. I know that I can not make this car cake for that price but I don't know how much higher I should go? It would be covered in fondant and probably take me at least 3 days to do..any suggestions....
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