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I am making a Neyland Stadium in a couple of weeks. My husband scaled everything down to detail. The stadium has just now finished the first part of their renovations. The main entrance is the eye catcher right now. I took 50/50 fondant-gumpaste and cut out the panels for the front and back piece of the stadium. Should I do this and let it set up and then just stick them on the cake with RI or should I make them the day I put the cake together? SOOO stressed over this...
Please add me to your list too. Your work is amazing!! I have to make a replica of Neyland Stadium in July and would really like to brush up on my modeling skills. My email is Also, is this better than using modeling chocolate?
I have a Hobby Lobby here in town. I"ll try the foamboard and doubling on the cardboard for the others. By the way, I love your quote! I get so nervous until the customer gets to see the cake, and then I'm relieved. I guess we are our own worst critics and it's okay to be nervous about our work.
What do you all recommend as a base that isn't too costly? I do use cardboard bases but would my cost go up a lot if I used masonite boards? My husband is a cabinet builder and I have really nice cake boards for weddings and for people I know will return them.
I use Deb's Buttercream recipe and I have a problem with the second day after making frosting it cracks. I don't know how to solve this. Can someone please tell me how to prevent this from happening or why it happens?
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