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I charge $24.
I just made lemon cupcakes with a raspberry swirl in them today! And yes, my cupcakes were turning purple/blue from it! ETA: I made my own raspberry compote, raspberries, sugar, lemon, corn starch.
I've done rosettes with whipped cream icing, regular AMBC, and flour icing- they all stayed on the cake no problem! But they were all for indoor parties. If it's too hot outside you may need a shortening based icing :/
Thank you maybenot, I gave up and used fondant in the mold. I plan on trying again though! 
Thank you krypto! I was assuming the Guittard A'Peels were candy melts, but maybe they do need to be tempered. Even so- the Wilton did the same exact thing! I decided to make it out of fondant if I can't get the chocolate to work!
 I'm new to the candy melt game, I made the molds with the pictured putty (it says it works with chocolate) and this is how my melts are drying/setting every time. I tried Wilton to test (not pictured) and it did the same, and then the Guittard chocolate, I tried to let it set in the fridge (not pictured) and these two have set side by side on the counter. The molds have never been washed or wet. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I tried to google and got nothing! also...
Thank you so much Rowantree!  About the chocolate fondant- for some reason I thought maybe it wouldn't dry completely hard like regular fondant does. I think I made that up in my mind maybe! :D  I will look into the silicon mold option and then definitely print out the crest if the mold isn't an option! I hope it is though!  I gave her four options of HP book cakes and she gave me free reign. This is definitely the most challenging one, so I made sure she (my sister)...
Hey ladies! I am going to attempt to make this cake. I was looking at the close-up of the Hogwarts crest and I found these pins that I *may* be able to use to make a mold. Do you think that this would work? I included a close up of the crest on one of the cakes- it's so detailed! How do you think it was done? I also included a picture of the pin I was thinking about using. Would it work with fondant instead of chocolate? Also, I've never used a chocolate or brown fondant...
OP, I searched forever for a dense, moist vanilla cupcake. I wanted one that wasn't fluffy and airy. I finally thought to search for a vanilla pound cake cupcake and tried two different recipes. THIS! This was what I had been looking for the whole time! Maybe look for a different recipe? I tried so many vanilla cupcakes and wasn't happy with any until I tried the pound cake! Hth!
Thank you!
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