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Christephenie.....that's a cute cake and great explanation! Thank you. :)   I'm planning on making this and wonder what will be the best way to make the paint splatters?? I thought about putting royal inside empty bottles and just squirting the surface???? Does anyone have any suggestions or does that sound like how it should be done?
Yes, that's how it works....can't ever find it when I need it . Big thank you for finding it for me!!!!!
I thought I saw an article on here recently about how to make the slime, ooze, gel or whatever you want to call it for a Ninja Turtle theme cake.....does anyone remember seeing it and if you could direct me to it I would be grateful!
I love watching Marc from Merci Beaucoup work with BC and was wondering if anyone knew what he was using? Royal or an SMBC??? It just looks so silky and creamy!
Saw a short story on the news last night about IL allowing home based baking as long as you don't make more than $1,000 per month. It was brought about because a young girl was making cuppies in her home and selling them and a reporter did a story on her and then the HD got wind of it.....thoughts anyone?
An Agbay is a MUST HAVE!!!!! Not that too expensive in my opinion, definitely worth not having to use a knife, and I use my Agbay to level the top of my cake AFTER it's been iced....ensures a nice level top too!
Hmmm....ok will check it out. Thank you :)
I saw on a cake show rerun, a decorator using "screenprinting" to make a logo or letters on a piece of fondant.....looks like something I would like to know more about.  Have any of you done this and/or know what I'm talking about and where can I get the needed equipment or supplies?
Thank you all!
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