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I would say dont even buy a hand mixer. You will really appreciate a stand mixer. I highly recommend the Kitchenaid but if you cant afford that the Better Home and Garden one from Walmart is good, a friend has one. You will want atleast 2 sets of whatever pans you choose. I have 2 of every size and 4 8's and 4 6's. I find these are the ones I use the most. I do not offer odd size cakes therefore I have no pans in odd sizes. You will want a small rolling pin and a large...
Yes i noticed this also. Unfortunately for me I had opened a larger box and just working along with many boxes of cakes and didn't realize it and used the wrong amount of liquids in mine. The smaller box is not moist deluxe. If they are changing the size I will not be happy, I know exactly how many boxes I need for each cake pan
OMG this is awesome.
In the city I live in I can not have customers come to my home and pick up the cake. I have no issue with this as I bake out of my home and I prefer customers do not know exactly where I live. I value my privacy and saftey as some of these are strangers to us.
I just posted a picture of a Mini Mouse cake that is covered in scrapbook paper. Sometimes I use fondant, the sweet 16 cake is covered in black fondant and I cut out the stars and replaced them with hot pink ones to match. The person that stated about the silver boards. I agree.. I do not like them at all unless the cake has silver but even then I cover them.
I use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper that coordinates with my cake. I then cover that with contact paper. I have a cake board under my cake so I don't have to worry about the contact paper. If you don't cover the paper with contact paper the grease from the bc will be absorbed by the paper.
Which part of FL will they be in? I can only speak for central FL. This store is in the Orlando area. It is very nice I have been a few times. in Orlando but they dont have a store front anymore but you can order and pick up is on is in Tampa that is about it. We have very little choices in Central FL.
Love the ceaser salad lol. And no I am not goling to event the wedding...not even sure what that means. I showed the email to hubby and he was like what the he!! Are they
I thought I read somewhere on here that if you are baking under the FL cottage law you dont have to collect sales tax. I was previously renting a kitchen and did collect sales tax, but I dont have to now it would make it all the easier to run my business. Can someone point me in the location to find this information. I have googled it and cant seem to locate it. Thank you Mindy .
I have never gotten one for the fraud emails I read so much about on here but I think today was my lucky day I really have no idea what he is even attempting to ask for LOL I am seeking for someone who will be able to event my senior sister wedding. She just met the right now and i am in charge of making sure i get her all the best stuff she wanted on that day , so let me know if you are available to event the wedding so that i can get back to you with more details . The...
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