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I agree with all of you! I am really unhappy with these changes. Please go back!
Hi, Please help in need of a good Rum Coconut Buttercream for a pineapple cake for tonite please any can help me.Thank
Hobby lobby have all Wilton cake decorating supplies 30% off online end on Saturday
Thank You all for the help
It going to be a 9in round but she doesn't want any filling in the middle what to do I'm going to put a image on top of it
I was ask to do a soild cake with buttercream no filling sould I do 2 layers or one 1 layers. Please help
Wow Thank you I'll do that
I was thing about 100.00 and my husband said 50.00 no way to little it was work .thank you I didn't know how to attach the picture but I did put it on my photos it the one of halloween. cake-photo_1852490.html
How can I attachment a picture
I was ask to do a cake like this one for next week but i don't know what is a good price for it. It going to be 11by15 2 layer van. cake with strawberry filling and a van. buttercream also it going to have a image I was thing 75.00 dollar any help please .Thank
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