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Thank you all for your responses this is good information, now I can formulate a plan. I have had customers come back, ask for the same flavor of cake as the previous year, look it up and walah! I'll go one from here, Thank you, Gavi
Good Day All; How long do you generally keep your cake order forms? I have over 3 years worth of forms, it's overwhelming... Thank you
Thank you for your response. My edible image printer is kaput... however the laminating idea did slip my mind... Thank you!
I have a client who has presented me with a portrait of grandma and would like me to incorporate it into the cake.... What would you recommend for drawing this image.... No my edible image printer is not an option. I was thinking of drawing it... With what? This cake is due this Friday May 18th... Last minute referral from another caker.... Please help. Thank you, Traci
I need some help, I am using sili trix putty for the first time to make buttons and emblems for a Marine Corps grooms cake.... I'm filling the cavities with white chocolate and cannot get the chocolate to unmold without breaking....What do I do? I have plenty of time, it is due on the 11th. Any Help?
Good Morning Rachel;I do purchase my fondant "Satin Ice" in bulk from Bakemark, it comes in 20# buckets. Bakemark can be found online.
Hmm I guess it would be sugar free too then, jokingly.1 cup sugar is correct.Gavi
I am in the research phase of purchasing a steamer for my shop to steam my fondant cakes for that shiny finish. Does anyone have any brands they prefer over others and the price points?Than k youGavi
Hello all,I have a reoccurring/intermittent problem, periodically when frosting my cakes, and usually about the time I'm ready to decorate the cake, bubbles appear. These are not bubbles in fondant they are under the buttercream and appear to be coming from the cake itself. I really need to know what is causing this, like I said it is sporadic and in different flavors. I frost all of my cakes semi frozen and do crumb coat them all and return them to the freezer for a...
My royal icing separated. Should I just make more or can I just rewhip it.
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