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I have chocolate buttercream in the freezer can I just mix in some peanut butter?? I would like the end result to be a chocolate peanut butter. Thanks!
So one question... If I follow pinkfluffycupcakes simple suggestion. Is the Red Velvet cake going to get soggy? I would make it tonight and serve tomorrow. Suggestions appreciated. Kati
I made a frosting tonight, that included 8oz cream cheese and 1/4 cup of butter. Do I need ,to refrigerate it? I am going to use it as a filling and I will not be filling the cupcakes till tomorrow. Thanks!
Do you have a cookie recipe that you use? Also what royal icing do you use?
I am not a cute cookie maker. I like the frozen ones you pop right into the oven. I want to make some cookies for a Relay For Life event. I want and buying a cookie cutter from Gobal Sugar Art, and I can't wait to take on this project! So I have a couple of questions... Is there a premade refigerated dough that I can buy that will keep its shape?Also what kind of icing should I use? I want something delicious that will stay on the cookie. TIAKati
I am making butter pecan cupcakes. I am trying to figure out what frosting to use since the cake itself is pretty sweet. To give you an idea you add 1 tub of BC coconut pecan icing to BC Butter Pecan cake mix. Any suggestions appreciated!
Has anyone used bowls to make a ball cake? I am wondering what size to used and how much batter to use. TIA! Kati
So I LOVE decorating cakes but I absolutly HATE making buttercream. I was wondering if anyone had used Wilton's Ready to Use icing. How does it taste? How does it spread? I just wanted some thoughts on it. Or do you use a different kind of already made icing? TIA!!
Ok I am making a white chocolate cake with strawberry filling. What do you think about mixing strawberry preserves with cream cheese bc and use it as a filling? Thoughts???
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