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Ever deliver a 2 tier cake the day before it's event?  Any tips?  
They last all night, they look perfect. Have fun!
Any suggestions?
Could I fill an extra ink cartridge with vodka, then run the cleaning process?
I always refrigerate cream cheese. I'm pretty sure it has to be refrigerated.
There was a page on this site called non-toxic fresh flowers for your cake. I use fresh flowers, just put a blob of icing on the cake & stick the stem into that.
Very frustrated! Edible Image has green banding, I have done the cleaning thing at least a dozen times, the magenta & blue is still not coming out too clear. It is using so much ink & I don't know that any of this is related to the banding. I have an Epson C88+. Please help!
When you charge for delivery, do you charge for the round trip, or just the trip to the site? Thanks!
I'm planning on organizing my recipes with an app, but there are about a dozen apps to choose from. Has anyone tried one out yet? Any suggestions?Thanks!
ok figured it out
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