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i say make it an 8" and have extra cake!  If this is for a client, then instituting a minimum size for design will ensure you will be compensated adequately. 
it all depends on how much you wish to spend.  I'd say go for a KA 5 qt.  It's a workhorse and has some pretty snazzy colors that would make it a very cool present and be something that she will have for a very long time. 
one book i really liked when i was learning to bake from scratch was All Cakes Considered, mostly for the detailed 6-page instructions on 'HOW' to mix a pound cake. Really following the directions for each step really makes a huge, huge, huge difference.  Overbeating the flour in at the end of a traditional butter cake can totally ruin the whole batch. I also usually only use recipes that are by weight. It makes a huge difference in consistency of product time after time....
i think you have a good variety of suggestions, but i have to add that Phoenix at the beginning of November will not be cool, usually mid 80's and because most Phoenicians are used to hot weather, houses are usually air conditioned to 80-82 degrees. Room temp here is full-on summer for a lot of places. I really don't know any arizona desert bakers who would leave a fondant cake out of the refrigerator for anything other than transportation--i know i wouldn't. But the good...
I make a passionfruit SMBC with Hero Passion Fruit Compound. 
you may want to switch half of the butter in the recipe with vegetable shortening (hi-ratio would be best).  That would perhaps make it firmer and more heat tolerant.    Please post the exact recipe you use, as there are many variations and there might be a ratio that is off. 
pop your cut box sides in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to get firm, then put on the cake. 
i always use commercially made black.  
i think it totally depends on where you live.  There is no way I would leave a cake out of the fridge. I have a separate cake fridge (non-comm model so the condensation is low) and I also live in a warm, arid climate.  Everything, from buttercream to fondant goes in the fridge and I will only deliver a hard-cold cake (planning deliver so that there is enough time for the cake to come to room temp).  This is what works for my cakes, my recipes,  and my climate.  Your...
i love to use SMBC, but will do an ABC (crusting) if the cake will be set on a patio or out doors without good A/C.  
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