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Help! I need to make a roller skating rink with two 3-D roller skates make of cake. Does anyone have a great tutorial?
Has anyone written a letter introducing their new business to prospective customers? I'm want to get my name out to vendor/venues, but I'm struggling writing an "introduction" letter.
How do I construct an upside down wedding cake (a.k.a. chandelier cake). What tools/materials do I use and how are these cakes constructed?
What are the best markers to use for writing on fondant and where do you purchase them?
How do I apply an edible image to fondant without the image bleeding? (I heard water will make it bleed through). What is the correct method to put on the icing sheet?
Thanks all for your responses. I will let my customer know, as she is wanting a red wedding cake.
Does anyone know if the red Satin Ice Fondant will turn your mouth red? What about the other colored Satin Ice Fondant colors? Will that brand turn your mouth the color of the fondant?
I have an order for a family tree cake for a reunion. The customer watches Cake Boss and wants something on that magnitude... (no problem, right? . She doesn't care if the tree is all RKTs, fondant or a combination of the two. Need 100 servings.Anyone have any tips or instructions on using PVC to construct cakes?
I made a train cake using that Thomas the Train tutorial and it turned out great. Wilton also has a 3D train cake pan that can be found in most cake supply stores.
My buttercream cracks after crusting on the cake. It cracks without moving the cake. I am using high-ratio shortening in my recipe. How do I get a smooth finish without the cracks?
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