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I made this cake years ago but you can do film strips in a smaller scale.I took black fondant and cut it into strips, then cut out little squares for the sides (you could probably get away with a small icing tip to do this) then lay the strip over those half pipe looking flower formers (dowels might be a good diameter for cupcake versions). Let them dry and they're good to go. =)
thanks! I plan to test it tonight. It's not that old. If I can make out the company, I'll try to call also just for good measure. =D
I have raspberry cake filling. The ones that come in a long bag. It doesn't have any expiration date on it.My question is, how long are they good for unopened?Thanks for your help!
They make edible silver glaze and also Silver Leaf... what are you trying to do?
I actually use a long piece of 1" PVC pipe.I have a long plastic fondant rolling pin I think it's 22" but it's warped and makes my fondant really wonky with thick and thin areas.
YES totally normal... I was talking to a fellow pastry friend about this this past week. He says to "fix" it to put the modeling chocolate in a paper bag overnight then flip it and leave it alone for a while... the bag will absorb the extra oil.=DHope that helps!!!
I use a very sharp paring knife... I trim excess fondant about an inch from the cake then use the smoother to push the excess into the cake until I see a crease then I use the crease as a guide and cut along that. Sometimes it's totally perfect and you can't even tell anything was done, other times, it's a mess... mostly good though, getting better. =D
I love giving baked treats for gifts! This year, my dad got my hubby and I a big freezer so I'll be starting early this year! This means less stress at the last minute!!! WOOHOO! =DI make a variety of cookies. The constants are my cruschiki (bowtie) cookies and the white chocolate cherry shortbread cookie from the better homes and gardens site. I almost didn't make the latter last year until one of the relatives raved so much about them and how she looks forward to them...
I agree with yummy, but I've had some luck with buttercream, not super crisp. I use two fondant smoothers... I hold on upright on the side of the cake and have it halfway up and then with the other, I gingerly work the fondant on the top of the cake over to the side fondant smoother to get a "corner". Still working on getting this down but it kinda works. I also "pinch" the edge too to make it a little more sharp.
I would say (definitely ask inspector first) if you had cake weight "exclusive of decorations" that should be good.
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