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For those who have sold cookie at farmer's markets, I'm wondering what your thoughts would be about using top cards, or foldover cards, when packaging cookies to sell at the markets. I have a huge stash of scrapbook paper I could use, but am wondering if somehow the top card would interfere with the visibility of the presentation.Each cookie would have to be labeled with the ingredients and the fact that they were made at home (Michigan's 2010 cottage law), so the back of...
Guess I ought to read the post before jumping in.LOL, I'm looking forward to your cookie!
Hi all. If I'm the first poster, I'd like to suggest butterflies for the April cookie club.
Sugar_Bunny, those are terrific! I love how delicate they look.
Breyes, those are wonderful! As others said, super cute!
VMesser, those are great! Can't believe you've only had 2 sessions of one Wilton class - you have a real future at this.
I love that kind of modern take on Easter - great job!
Thanks! I checked out your blog and the dress you did for March's Cookie Club was spectular!LOL, Redroxx, I never thought of that with the chick; I'll have to remember that for some sweater/hat cookies next winter.
Yowza, with melted Nutella on them would be heavenly!
Thanks so much, and thanks for the link. Doh, I put the cart before the horse and edited my message before uploading the photo. LOL, it's okay to be a newbie!
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