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Hi,    I have a cake due this week and I did not realize how much detail is in the crest the customer wants on the cake. It's going to be in the middle of a 9x13 cake. Any suggestions on how to do it? I was going to use fondant, or royal icing for the black background, then use royal icing or buttercream for the white detail.    Thanks a ton in advance! Tasha      
Thank you, Jason! I have read a lot of your posts and you are very helpful. Thank you again!
Copy infringement?! OMG! Even if I'm not licensed yet? And do you know who I would ask for to get permission? I'm so glad you mentioned it. I have so much to learn.I do not have a edible ink printer.
Hi All,I have a cake due on Friday that is a coach purse. My question is, What is the best way to make the logo? The purse is going to be about the same size as the real bag. I have attached the logo. Any suggestions would be great!Thanks,Tasha
Thank you for the great advice everyone. I am going to play around with your suggestions to see which one I live best.
Thank you, AngelFood4! That is so helpful. I made modeling chocolate for the first time but it intimidated me a bit. How do you color it? I read that you need cocoa butter mixed with the gel color, but never did it.
Thank you, ConfectionsAK.
Hi All!I want to start practicing making small 3D characters like animals, little people, but I'm not sure what icing to use. I have tried to use Wilton's Ready Made gumpaste, but when putting the head on the body of a girl, the weight of the head squished the body. It was way too soft and I kept adding PS to it (I think the food coloring I added made it extra soft). What is the best icing/material to use for 3D characters and can you give me the recipe?Thank you in...
Thank you everybody! The suggestions are great and I will incorporate them. I have been working on a design all day and these will just add to it. Thank you, again!
Hi All,I am entering into my first cake contest on the 12th of this month (they just announced it). Even though it is a local competition, I am really excited and nervous. They are having an Army Birthday Cake contest. The goal is to celebrate the Army and say thank you to past and present soldiers. Any ideas on a cake design? The cake must be at least 8"x8"x4". I want to make it grand! About 60" by 20" (yes, a long cake). I was thinking a timeline with a LOT of detail,...
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