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Thanks everyone!!! Just chop it up to a learning experience.... Hopefully one that doesn't happen again in the future.....I normally deliver around the same time, but due to a wedding delivery right before it, I was only able to be an hour before the party started..... By the time I was able to leave the party had started, and then from there it was around a 35 min to 40 min drive..... depending on traffic...... So glad that everyone was alright! Just some damage to the...
Over the weekend, I was on my way back from one delivery, to get ready for another delivery... My other car was delivering another cake that had to be delivered an hour and a half away... I was in an accident; another car slipped on the wet road and ran right into the side of my van.... This in then caused me to be 1 1/2 hours late on the next delivery I had.... I called and let the customer know that I had just been involved in a accident and as soon as I got done I...
I have tried a few, and they haven't worked for me...Looking for a really good sugar cookies recipe, as well as an icing that is good for decorating cookies that will be packaged individually, but still taste great!Any help?Thanks so much!!!!
I am my first bridal show at the end of the month, and I was wondering if you guys had any tips or suggestions for me! Like what all I should provide, what I should bring! Just wanted to ask because I myself feel like I might forget a million things... Putting a lot of money into it and I really want it to work for me! I have a 6ft display table, how should I fill it and what should I display?
I would like a copy! keekee07@hotmail.comThanks!
Sorry the attachment didn't work, here is an example! want the cake to be buttercream, with no fondant! Thankful for any advice!
Just wondering how would you guys do this cake? I have been searhing and I am just coming up with nothing.... Just wondering what you guys would do to achieve this look!Thanks everyone!
Thanks, I will have to give it a try!
Thanks I'll take a look!
Hey everyone, I have tried a few whipped icing recipes and I just can't seem to make one work out well for me.. So my question is Does anyone have a great tasting no fail whipped icing that I could use? Any help would be wonderful! Thanks
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