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I make my own. WAY cheaper!
The MAT!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! And it is cheap too!!!
I have whipped up a carton of Frost n Pride and froze in 2 cup increments. However, I can't remember how to defrost it and use it. Any body know what to do???TIA
I agree. I think you keep the ones that you would show a client.
These are the only liners I use now. They hold there color 100%, they hold there shape, they never pull away from the cupcake, they are thicker. I LOVE them!
Me too please!!!!!!
I use 1/2 fondant 1/2 gumpaste. I gives me plenty of time to mold but then dries hard. It works great for me. I have used Wilton fondant and gumpaste and Satin Ice fondant and gum paste. They both work great!
The last 2 buckets I have gotten where awesome. Check the date on the bucket before you buy it and get the most recent date!
WOW!!! THANK YOU!!!! The turorial was awesome. I am such a visual person. The step by step could not have been any better.
I use Satin Ice. I have tried making my own many times and I just can't get a consistancy that I like.I LOVE Satin Ice. It is more expensive but it is a for sure when I put it on my cake. HTH
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