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My Cake School has a great tutorial on a spiral cake- I am a member there so I can access the video. She marks her tiers with edible marker where she wants to cut and then marks her knife with a sharpie about an inch from the top of the blade. She uses that as her guide to know how deep to cut into the cake. I made a three tier spiral cake from this video tutorial. Make sure your tiers are very cold when you start slicing.
HI, I love Martha Stewarts white sheet cake recipe but it is too short- even layered with another layer of cake it's too short. I am looking for either a tried and true 12x18 size recipe sheet cake for wedding or wondering how I can maker Martha Stewarts cake rise slightly more- can I maybe double it?
What type of food coloring can be used to paint features on modeling chocolate with a brush?
Hobby Lobby has beautiful monogram stencils.
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