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also i'm going to have to do it a day or so ahead of time and leave it sitting. will that be ok? i'm thinking of doing it on fondant and i'm nervous
regular o.O similiar to the wilton recipe. should i leave out all the liquid (milk)? it was condensating. i did the wet spatula technique for smoothing and i wondered if that was why it condensated? should i let the cake sit and dry for a few hours before decorating it? also i used the dark chocolate pillsbury can icing to make my black.this cake is for next week and it's round. so far i have only stenciled on square. is it any different?
i did it once with black on bc and had a problem with bleeding. would stenciling on fondant be better? i have another cake coming up. also, what is the best way to get a good black that is least likely to bleed?
so at this point leave it out til the party?
my second time working with black icing. i use the chocolate can stuff. first time was the black and white stenciled wedding cake inmy photos. well i am still kinda new to this and never took a class so there's a lot of do's and don'ts i don't know. i THOUGHT i was suposed to refrigerate the cake at all times being buttercream. so i did the whole thing and put it in the fridge and then the black starting seeping into the white and even running down the sides. i scraped and...
i want to do some fondant book cupcake toppers with edible iamges on them but i would have to get them printed out at HEB or something (local bakery) and as far as i can tell, there's doesn't print very good color. is that normal or are there better ones and worse ones?
she wants strawberry filling. i have some made already that's really good, but can i add a few tablespoons of the liquor to it anyways? or should i just leave it?
oh wait she said Disaronno white chocolate. ??? i may have to tell her i don't know how to make that
i've enver even heard of it but a customer wants one this friday. i saw one on allrecipes involving a box yellow cake mix. if anyone can help me with which recipe to use that would be great!
and how do you stick it to the cuppie without it sticking to your fingers lol?
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