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Any one else have any ideas.
I was asked to make 35 - 8 inch cakes either white cake with cream cheese filling or red velvet with cream cheese filling all of the cakes will have ribbon around the bottom and they will also be covered in White fondant. So how much is a reasonable price for this?
Does anyone have any picture they would like to share of their ovens?
I hope this works for everyone.
Does anyone know if multiple orders can be placed to the same address?
Have you seen this it is the best idea I've found yet.
I don't think the attachment was on my other post. So I am trying again.
Here is a scanned copy of the page you were asking for. HTH
Well I am in the process of making my first cereal treat cake decoration. I will be making a model T car to put on top of my dads 81 st birthday cake. I am thinking about covering it in tinted modeling chocolate but don't know if I should be putting anything under the modeling chocolate. Can anyone help and guide me in the right direction? Or should I try fondant instead? If so should I cover the car in butter cream first?Tia
Loucinda I do make fondant in my 6 qt kitchen aid and it works great I've had mine for alost 6 years and no problems. By the way where did you get you 20 qt hobart what model is it? I have been wanting to get one also what do you use it for.
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