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Thank you every one for your help. I really want her recipes to work because even though the texture was wrong the flavor was great I did a little research and found exactly what Elcee said. So I did the boiling water test and mine boiled at about 195-200 area. So this fri I will try again.Thank you for all your help
Any Ideas? Please?
Hello,So I have made caramel sauce many times before and have had no troubles. But just recently I got the cook book Sugarbaby and wanted to try the caramel and vanilla cream fondant spirals recipe. Well I followed the recipe to a T and the caramel ended up rock hard!!!!According to the recipe the way I understood it the caramel should have a soft chew, melt in your mouth consistency to match the soft fondant center. Instructions said to cook the caramel mixture to 257...
Is it possible to make Swiss meringue with Splenda in place of the white sugar? Have u ever done it successfully?
Wow this whole comma thing is really moving some peoples cheese
OMG thank you soledad that is perfect, after searching for a long time I finally found an impression mat for $60 That roller is just perfect. I did not want to do the basket weve with fondant because I want to have a different look.One other queston. Does any one have an idea of the best way to go about making fly fishing lures? I thought of making hooks out of fondant then piping on stiff royal icing for the fur/feathers on them. Does any one else have a better idea?
So I would like to do a similar design, the only thing I cant figure out is where to find an impression mat that has this texture. Any one know where I can get...
I just read through this thread and it was awsome, I just wanted to know, when you say it is best on the third day do you just let the cake sit out for three days or do you freeze it?
So I made this white cup cakes for two recipe I found on a blog sight. the cupcakes had a perfect texture but tasted overpoweringly (lol is this a word?) eggy, kinda sulfurly hard boiled egg smell/taste. I know the egg was fresh, not rotten, the egg did not smell or any thing.Here is the recipe 1 egg white2 tbsp sugar2 tbsp melted butter 1 tsp vanilla1/4 cup flour1/4 tsp baking powderpinch salt 1 1/2 tbsp milkmix egg and sugar, mix in butter and vanilla. Mix in flour...
Ok so I am making my standard SMBC that I always make.It is the recipe from Confetti Cakes10 oz egg whites20 oz sugar20 oz butterI mix it using FromscrachSF's method.This time I used wilton Meringue Powder, well my mixer has been going for at least 30 mins and the buttercream is not getting as stiff as it normally gets. Is it possible that the powder is to blame?
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