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Great, thanks! I'll have to check that book out and let her know about it.
Thank you!
It also needs to be nut and egg free. I thought egg was included in the mistake.
I need a dairy free vanilla cake recipe if anyone is willing to share. My friend's little girl who is turn one next month is allergic to all dairy. Thanks in advance.
Merry Christmas to all!! And of course Happy Birthday to the Dec. Birthdays.Mine's today as well..25 years young..woo hoo!
The one I use is 8oz of cream cheese, a cup of whipping cream and about 1/2 to 3/4 box of pudding mix. I can pipe it but it doesn't hold it's shape.
I've never whipped the whipping cream separately...but that doesn't mean you can't...I just never tried. It's not a light and fluffy mousse when I make it....if anyone has a recipe for one of those...I'd love that!
Sure it'sBlock (8oz) of Cream Cheese1 Cup of heavy whipping cream1/2 to 3/4 box of pudding. I think I found it on here but I could be wrong. They way I've been doing it is:Cream the cream cheese until smooth and alternate between the heavy whipping cream and pudding ending with the pudding. This way if you need it thicker you can add more pudding mix.I've done this not only with the chocolate pudding mix, but the cheesecake and banana cream too. My favorite is the banana...
I have a mousse recipe that calls for whipping cream, pudding packet, and cream cheese. Delicious and thick. I use it in cakes all the time.
I need a mousse recipe that I can pipe into little chocolate cups. I have a mousse recipe just not one that I can pipe. I'd like to do a white chocolate and a milk chocolate....possibly a raspberry or strawberry chocolate or an orange chocolate....
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