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What do you mean they are melting?  After you remove them from the molds? 
Well, I personally do not like to use the microwave because I like to be able to watch the thermometer and move it off the heat as soon as possible so the color of the sugar does not turn amber.  In the microwave, you have to be very careful not to overcook it or it will turn amber, then dark brown.  I use approximately a 3:1 ration of sugar to syrup, but the way I usually measure it is to cover the bottom of my pot with corn syrup and then pour sugar over it until I don't...
I always HELP my customer load the cake and I tell them to bring several towels with them when they come.  That way, if their seat is not very flat, which most car seats aren't, I place rolled up towels in the lower part of the seat to prop it up and make the cake level.  This always seems to work for me.  I should also mention, that for the JMU cake I posted, I did have a friend make a board with a leg on one side that we placed in the back seat to prop that one up.  It...
Excellent!  So glad it worked for you!  Once you get the hang of it, you can pop them out one after the other with no problems!
Yes, I used mold builder.
Yep....the cake made it all the way there and they carried it up 3 sets up stairs too!  I doweled that thing to death!!  lol
The ice is made just like the bottles.  I just crumpled up some non stick foil and poured the sugar over it.  Then popped it off and broke it up.
Yes...the real one is on the left.  Mine is on the right, before painting it. definitely changes the flavor, but most people are happy because it doesn't taste so bitter just need to rub the inside and outside of your mold with cornstarch BEFORE you use it.  The cornstarch will help it release without cracking.  If it still cracks and it is not sticking to your mold, then you just have a little too much sugar in your mixture or you are cooking it a little bit too long.  Watch your thermometer and remove from heat AS SOON AS it reaches the "hard crack" stage at 295 degrees.  Hope this helps.  If you need anything else, you can...
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