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Try WASC using vanilla yogurt, vanilla pudding and vanilla paste. It's how I make my vanilla cake. I think it actually tastes like vanilla.
Try the "Decorators Cream Cheese" recipe. It's great to use as a frosting. Regular cream cheese frosting is fine for a filling but is too soft to ice with
I have made a chocolate WASC in the sports ball pan and it came out fine. It's pretty dense.
Saw one at bigweddingcakecompany...but they are out of the UK so I don't know if that will help you
Confused as to what you need
I can't enlarge the picture, but it looks like there is a pictureof something in a cirlce above the name. Replace that with a lighthouse, replace writing on either side of picture with thewedding date and put their names under lighthouse. I would still keep the Westbrook on since it's pretty much the theme. Use their colors in the date, names and lighthouse.
A 2 layer, filled cake, should be about 4 inches high. Maybe just 1 more layer will be sufficient. I would torte because I like the way it looks when the cake is cut. HTH
I have seen scratch recipes for mint julep cakes and it seems they all have the MJ flavor in the icing. A mint julep is bourbon, mint and simple sugar. I would just incorporate bourbon and mint into a WASC recipe just as you would any liqueur varation.
Chocolate WASC and Triple Chocolate recipes are bothVERY good. Ganache is a simple yet delicious filling, maybe with some strawberry slices on the ganache(to go w/ berries on top) Yum!
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