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Do a google search of Dr. Seuss edible images. You will find several places that carry them. They may not all carry the same items though.
I totally agree, purchase red and black.
I think I would go with ganache : )
Don't put fondant on a frozen cake
Are you only wanting to wrap the sides in the chocolate? I'm not quite understanding just what you want to do.
I may be the only one that says this but I did not like Sylvia's Yellow cake recipe. I like a moist dense cake and I found this to be a bit on the dry side. I didn't over bake. I made 3 tiers and they all came out the same.
What about some sort of cookie? I have put cookie crumbs in chocolate fudge that goes inside an ice cream cake and they stay crunchy.
I find it best to charge by the mile(round trip). I think the federal reimbursement rate is around .58 per mile now.
I'm having a hard time seeing exactly what the design is.
Do some price comparisons in your area(not from a grocery store bakery). Figure out what your costs are(time and $).Price points are different in different areas so it would be difficult to tell you exactly what to charge. HTH
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