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Has anyone used "The Baker's Kitchen" or other professional baker's cake mix(the just add water and oil kind)to make doctored(WASC)cakes?  Would I just follow my basic WASC recipes(omitting eggs)? Thanks
The Chocolate WASC recipe I have calls for added sugar, chocolate pudding, and chocolate milk.  There's plenty of sweet in there, the cocoa powder doesn't take away from that.  
It's best to look around and see what other bakeries and bakers in your area are charging.  Don't look at grocery store bakery prices.  Their prices are cheaper because the cakes are made in mass and are flash frozen.  Make sure you take into consideration the work that you put into your creations too.  HTH  
Make sure you are using a deep bowl or container to melt chocolate in.  Deep enough that when you dip cake pop in it is covered to the stick.  Remove and tap gently on side of bowl.  If the chocolate is too thick you will get that "glumping".  Melted chocolate should have a runny consistency, not like water, but runny.  You may not be using enough shortening.  
WASC is "white almond sour cream" cake.  Type WASC in the search bar for the original WASC recipe.  HTH  
Just wondering if anyone has used Ann Byrn's cake mixes(which are 21 plus oz)to make WASC cakes?  If so, did you have to change the WASC recipe at all to accommodate for the extra ounces? Also, I noticed her yellow cake mix called for butter.   So I am a bit confused as to whether or not I would have to use the butter when making a WASC recipe.  I am not happy at all with the smaller size cake mixes(DH,BC, Pills) they just aren't coming out the same even with adding...
2 bxs white cake mix 2 cps flour 2 cps sugar 1 tsp salt 1 sm pkg instant white choc. pudding(optional) 2 cps diet lemon-lime soda 2/3 cp maraschino cherry juice 2 cps vanilla yogurt 8 egg whites 1/4 cp oil 2 tsp vanilla ext 1 tsp lemon ext 1/2 tsp Lorann cherry   (Cut recipe in half for 8" round)
They seem to be 4" cakes, but sometimes it's hard to tell from a picture.  10", 8" rounds will serve 55(1"x2" slices)and a 6" for anniversary cake. 
Different WASC recipes will yield different amounts of batter depending on what is being added.  I find that most WASC recipes that I use yield between 14-16 cups of batter.  That would be using 2 boxes of cake mix, 2 cups flour and so on.  I always make a note on each recipe, after making it the first time, how many cups of batter it makes.  HTH   
I have never stacked a rose cake but 2 thoughts come to mind. I would either decorate both and stick in fridge til firm then stack....or I would decorate bottom tier, stack and decorate top tier. I would do the latter if you are not experienced in stacking because once the top tier is decorated you won't be able to touch the sides. Make sure you are using a board or plate under top tier and dowels in bottom tier for support.
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