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This recipe is my go to Chocolate cake recipe. I started out using the regular Choc. WASC recipe, which was good until I tried MACSMOMS.It's the best! I have never made it with the chocolate flavoring, I sub almond extract. It's still fantastic. One of these days I'll try it with the chocolate. But it's very "chocolatey" without it. And yes, inst coffee.
It seems like such a simple thing...but I was asked to make a yellow cake for a baby shower next week and believe it or not it was the first time I have had this request! Everyone usually asks for "flavor" cakes. Any way this threw me for a loop. I have seen a few Yellow Cake recipes on this site but I was wondering what most of you are using. The "one" that your customers just love!Thanks!!
Well that makes sense...any idea where I can order them?thanks again : )
Don't know if I am in the right forum or not but...I have been watching a cake decorating show on WE lately and one particular baker uses what looks like a cake pan (but has no bottom)to cut his cakes. In other words it looks like a large cookie or gumpaste cutter but they are large enough to cut cake. He bakes sheet cakes and uses the cutters to cut the actual round or square cake in the size he needs. This would certainly eliminate any side trimming because each layer...
Sorry, that's 1 1/3 cup shortening
This is the crusting cream cheese recipe that I use(if that's what you mean by "stiff"). It is delicious, very light and not as sweet as Buttercream. I suggest using this instead of buttercream to all my customers. 1 1/3 Hi ratio Shortening2- 8oz cream cheese(I always add just a little more, maybe another 2 oz)3 tsp clear vanilla3TBS Meringue powder2 tsp butter flavoring*1/2 tsp lorann flavoring of choice(opt) or 2tsp of extract of choice3.5 to 4lbs Confects...
Lots of places sell molds. Best thing to do is google Silicone or Resin fondant or gumpaste molds. You will def find some places to order them from.
I too was concerned when I had to cover a petal cake but to my surprise it was much easier than I thought. It came out great! You should be fine.
I'm sure the answer is in here somewhere...I am making a wedding cake next week(fondant quilt with silver dragees). What is the best way to adhere Silver dragees to the fondant without the silver coating "bleeding"?thanks!! Lee
Does anyone know if there are any tutorials out there on how to make Stargazer Lily's using a JEM Lily former? Instructions do not come with the former. I have seen the method of making them without it but since I have one I would really like to use it. Thanks!! [/i]
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