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Thank you everyone! I am going to use an extra piece of fondant & experiment!!
I'm curious to know how others would splatter paint this cake! It appears to just be royal icing thrown on the cake but I was wondering if there was a less messie way!
Have you tried Walmart? They sometimes have Wilton pans! Hope this helps if not maybe you can get one rushed to you from
Thank you everyone for your ideas!! I'm definitely going to make the bost of this next month preparing things!
I need help! I have been baking & decorating cake, cupcakes, & cookies for almost 4 years now & my town does a "Fun Days Trade Days" the last weekend in every month & I have had a ton of people ask me when I'm going to be there! I always answer with a "not sure" or "idk" so now I'm actually ready to do it in September but I'm not sure what to sale, sample, or what?! I know for sure I will do a couple of dummy cakes (wedding, b-day) but I don't know what else to do! So can...
These colors were matched to swatches she gave me!! They were a perfect match! So I just think she was calling them coral & turq!!
Ok first of all I do have a legal kitchen! I rent out a kitchen to do all my work! Second of all I knew what I was capable of and did it! She knew exactly what I could do! She had seen all my cake pictures! & in my book I have the pic that customers give me & my version! So she knew that it would not look exactly like the pic! I even gave her a few ideas of smaller cakes that we could make look like it!! But she chose not to accept! I'm honestly not worried about it any...
Thank you EVERYONE! I just haven't decided exactly what to do but I'm not gonna worry about it for now! Stress isn't good for the baby
NO one saw fondant falling off! They said that after it was on the plate it wasn't staying on the cake!! & I never charged her for the dots b/c at first they didn't want them then after they already had the prices the decided they wanted them.
It is now under my photos!
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