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Could the advertising be any bigger?!?! Seriously, it takes up 1/3 of the page. I understand needing to make some money, but 1/3 of the whole page!!!! New design blows!
So my question to those that rent cakes is: How do the bride and groom cut the cake? My wheels are spinning as well, no rental cakes in my area. But I am still confused as to how they do the cake cutting?
Well, back in October I was contacted by Food Netwrk Challenge asking me if I was interested in being on the show. After going through the process of sending in pictures of my cakes, of myself and a list of my credenttials, they asked for a phone interview. I spoke to a really nice woman for about an hour and I guess she liked me because she asked me to do a video audition.I asked her if I should be decorating a cake in the video and show my other work and she said, "No,...
These are definitely cheaper, but they are only 3/4" across. That is pretty small.
Hi, I have an order for an anchor cake. I was wondering of anyone has a suggestion on how to make the anchor appear to have a dull metal look to it? My hubby said it is called a powder coat on the metal. I want to paint it with silver luster dust, but don't want it too be too shiny.Any suggestions would be appreciated.Monika
OK, signed and passed onto everyone on my email list as well as posting it on my Facebook. Let's get this moving.PASS IT ON!!
I looked around as well and can't find anything. Hope they announce soon.
I made this cake as a donation, but have never done a cake like this so I am unclear what to charge if anyone asks. It is about 15.5" long by 8.5" long by 11.5' tall. I live in San Diego, so I can charge on the higher end, but am not sure what the range would be.Any help would be appreciated.
It has been in Las Vegas for the last few years and I don't think there are any plans to move it.
This will be my 4th Cake Camp and it is great. Like everyone has said, the teachers are incredible. Where else can you take an 8 hour class with Collette Peters for just a couple of hundred dollars? Or Browen Weber or Nicholas Lodge or Toba Garrett? I have never been to ICES (next year cause I live in San Diego!) but hear that Cake Camp has so many more hands-on experiences. My only suggestion is not to wait too long to decide cause once they open registration the big name...
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