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Do you know about how many 4" cookies that one batch of Michelle Foster's Fondant can cover?THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! :0)~Kim
klat7292, thank you for the nice compliment on my avator! It is a close-up of two of the fondant monkeys that were on my Jungle cake. :0)
THANK YOU so much for the kind words and help! klat7292, it took me 5 days from start to finish. It was a learn and figure it out as you go experience. My mistake was that I made the cake first, then added the embellishments. The cake was stale by the time it was all finished. lol
Thank you cncsmom45 and OregonCakeLady!!!! You don't know how much this helps me!! I made this cake for my daughter. I've been approached by someone to make another one for purchase. Thanks to OregonCakeLady, I have a clue as to how much it is worth. I really appreciate the help!! :0)The towers were made by wrapping fondant around paper towel tubes. The largest tower was made the same way, but I used a plastic spaghetti holder instead. Immediately after sealing the...
Thanks OregonCakeLady and BabyC1985!The stones were carved individually and the towers are hollow. I appreciate the advice SO much!!!!! :0)
THANK YOU JEN 80! That was very thoughtful of you! :0)
The attachment failed. I will try again. If it does not work, then the cake is my castle cake in my photos.Thank you SO much!
Being new to cake decorating, I have never charged anyone for a cake before. I was hoping that some of you would be willing to give me an approximation of what you would charge to make a cake like this for someone. I originally made it with a 9" and a 6" cake. Both were about 5.5" tall. The towers and all of the embellishments were made out of MFF. The grass was made out of RI. The water was made out of piping gel.ANY help you can be on this would be greatly...
Thank you cylstrial! They are from a jungle cake that my husband, daughter and I made together. He actually made the monkeys that you commented on. It seems like no matter what new hobby I pursue, my husband is always better at it than I am. Ha!
Thank you MJoycake! You are a sweetheart!
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