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So I mixed up a batch of Antonia's Royal Icing last night and my base designs came out fine. Tonight when I mixed color into it to use it for the details sink holes formed which really messed up a bunch of my cookies. Can someone tell me why this happened and what I can do to prevent it from happening again. Does this only happen with royal icing that is not freshly mixed?Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Right now I am in the process of watching the sheet cake DVD and love it!! I am preparing to make a sheet cake with a transfer image for my daughter's birthday and needed some guidance. Sharon explains everything and makes it look so easy!
TexasSugar thanks so much for the links! I really appreciate it!
Hello all,Well which do you prefer to use, a Royal Icing transfer or Chocolate transfer? I am planning on making a Hello Kitty cake for my daughter's birthday next month and was trying to figure out which method I should use to make Hello Kitty in order to decorate her cake. I would love some feedback, and tips, or links on CC that could give me some info on "how to".Thanks so much for all your help!
Hmmm, I will have to try that. Do you only do that when you are covering a large area with the black RI, or do you use it for bordering and outlining in black also? Would the chocolate flavor interfere with the flavor you make your RI if you are only using the black to outline?
Hi, I am in Nassau county and would be interested also. I am just starting to figure things out and didn't know what the laws/regulations were in having a home baking business. If anyone from Long Island knew that would be great
I use the sugar cookie recipe from "Cookie Craft" and use vanilla bean paste. Using the paste is a huge difference than just extract. The cookies hold their shape while baking and do not burn easily, plus they are not overly sweet and I have only had compliments. I have tried several recipes and keep going back to this one. HTH
I also use the "Cookie Craft" recipe and love it. I never have a problem with spreading. I have tried a ton of other recipes and they all spread on me and I follow the same method as the "Cookie Craft" method and they just don't work for me. So in the end I always find myself going back to that recipe. They taste good and the texture is nice. Oh...and I have read that over creaming the butter and sugar causes air bubbles which will increase spreading. Are you over...
Wow CookieD-oh, I love your cookie. The detail is great!! I could only imagine how much time it took to mix and decorate!!!
Congrats newintown, that is awesome!! Your cookies are great!
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