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There are a couple. American Cake Decorating Magazine and Cake Central Magazine which is digital only. I've had bad experiences with getting my magazines from both. The worse is Cake Cental . It went from a monthly to bimonthly to whenever they feel like it. I paid $60 for a subscription and got one magazine out of it. They finally just released another issue and found out that my subscription was expired. I've also heard a ton of complaints where people paid and never...
You could also do it in white chocolate instead of the isomalt or out of gumpaste.
I had a lady wanting a dessert buffet. She called on Monday, wanted it on friday, delivered two hours away on a budgrt of $150 for 50 people! Then didn't want to pay for it prioror use Paypal. She couldnt understand why I said no. Um, really?
Whenever I do draping I make sure the fondant is rolled thin. I gather it up in my hands like an accordian. You can also use skewer's to make the pleats. Add tylose to make the fondant dry faster and it will help. Also, you might get in trouble with the mod's here for posting a picture in your file of a cake that you didnt do. Just to let you know!!
Check out online by googling serving plates or catering supplies. You can find some really cheap ones depending if you want to reuse them or not. is also a good source.
You need to cut them out and then twiddle the gumpaste on the wire. Then sandwich the veiner with a sponge on your cut out with the wire. Then use the ball tool to thin out the edges.Check youtube for tutorials. You can buy the cutters from several different places. You can also get dvd's that have exactly how to make them. But basically most of the lillies are done the same way. You might just need to change the size of the cutter or center to make which one you want.
Are you talking about the greenery that has sort of a curly cue on the end in flower arrangements?
I never have any luck using the marshmallow recipe. Especially in the summer! Ive used Michele Foster's recipe in the recipe section and have never had a problem with it. It always rolls out really nice and thin and tastes really good too. But if I dont have time to make it I will by Fondx or Wilton if Im desperate. You could try buying a small thing of the Wilton fondant and mixing it with your own and that might help the consistancy on it.
They actually make eyes out of royal icing that you can buy. You can stick them in the mold before you pour your candy melt in and your duck comes out perfect! Also, if you want his bill to be orange, pour that color melt in first, stick it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and then follow up with the yellow.
I saw a big red light flashing on that one and walking away from it is the best thing you could of done! I had one like that a few months ago. She said that her original cake designer dropped her. I found out why! What a pita! Not to mention I was dealing with her and her daughter (but didnt know it at the time) because they both had the same name for peats sakes!Then after doing two elaborate cakes for her at a really cheap price, the day she was suppose to come pick up I...
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