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I am waiting for my $10,000 USD, hehe, otherwise I am not going anywhere ;-) But, I can still get online, apparently, from "The One My Heart Love's" pad, hehehe... BTW, I went ahead and used my oven, I just baked all my orders for the next 3 weeks, so I can bake any last minute orders in my mall oven, and get the oven fixed. It takes twice as long to heat up, but it worked fine. I was scared though! It is on it's own breaker, so we flipped it. It is hard wired into the...
 Thank heavens you posted, my love! I am packing my bags right now so we can walk out the precious thing called love! I know we be good match! I just need you to send me $10,000 USD so I can make arrangements. Looking forward to filling my heart desires!
Makes me want to get someone to ask on yard sale page in my area. I am in a state with no cottage food laws, I'll sniper out every last dang one of them, to the heath department.
Anybody know if I can use it still? I had a bunch of chunkies fall out of the back, into the bottom of the oven, and took the back off and saw it is 1 of the 3 elements, crumbled to bits, metal melted, it still gets up to temp, and isn't making any funny noises, but it does take longer.It used to take 7 minutes to get hot, now it takes about 12.   I really need it! I have to bake for a wedding show, and my Saturday order. I have a small stove in there, but it is going to...
My white cake with egg whites doesn't fall flat. Just put in 5 whites rather than 3 whole eggs.
Um, since when can't we talk about classes? Is this a new thing? We talk about crftsy classes, and tutorials all the time, I am just wondering because I did a search and I can only find one wafer paper class that I'm not taking, way to expensive, plus airfare and possibly a hotel... not happening. I actually don't even care to learn wafer paper flowers, but if it is cheap enough, ill take a class on anything, Haha.
  OMG for real. I am freaking CRYING over here! Very kinky!
That sounds lovely! But be careful, African violets WILL FREAKING KILL YOU. Shanter told me
Viking imports sells liners like that too. I wanted red for Christmas and got red orange, so I called the company and they sent me 2000 more. Then I ordered the tiger stripe and the orange, to go together since they matched in the picture and got 2000 more red orange liners that don't match the tiger stripe liners, that were actually a yellow orange. And the nice bright blue in the picture is denim blue, the yellow bakes to clear, and the white foil is more of a glass...
The only way would be to grease them very well, and I don't think that would be pretty. They make flexible molds for chocolate.
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