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I have noticed my meringue icing turning a nasty muddy grey sludge color with the slightest touch of violet color.
Hahaha! Too funny, @Crazy-Gray remolding would be the first thing I did. Definitely roll my thighs to make them smaller and my legs longer
 Why? I don't get it.
You get a rag caught in it, and it's a goner. It can get caught from the bottom, if it is loose, or thin so hold it tightly and keep it centered.
Better watch out, you are going to offend the purple aliens
Oh yeah, if you get a rag caught in it, it will be useless. There is a break pin inside that breaks to protect the motor of the mixer. It is not a user serviceable part, so you would have to replace it.
I had the same thought as As you Wish, braided strands, lined up on a very thin sheet of fondant, and cut on the edges.
A super thin coat of vegetable fat to condition it may help, as well is rolling it thinner to start. I love mine, but sometimes have it turn weird.
I just ask. What color do you want the baby. And then I ask what shade of brown, like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel. And then I tell them it sounds delicious, haha.
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