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II hear ya! I always find myself wondering how she doesn't poke holes in everything, rather than paying attention.
I have one too, my husband got it for me for Sweetest Day a few years ago, We had never heard of it, but he liked the name, so he bought it. We had a good laugh, and it immediately became my favorite. I have 2.
I like to have extra, because it is easier to cover if you use a bigger piece than what you need. I roll mine silly thin, but plan on 3/4 of what the charts say.
Oh, what a PITA!! I put mine on a styrofoam dummy, and skewer it into place, through the top, with two skewers. I pipe a soft icing on it with a flat "ribbon" or "basket weave" tip, then smooth it gently, scraping the excess off. Then go around the top and get the edges smooth, working around the skewers. Remove skewers and patch the center of the top.
What is the next step? lol How do you stack without messing up your edges? I tend to get one edge folded and semi dented, or pull it outward.
I did a penis cake and felt the same way. I didn't even want to show anyone. What is the point, if you can't take pictures, right?
And how are people supposed to still have an appetite after they see that? YIK.
Lol, good point! I knew something was off.
Super good one! I'm gonna have to steal that!
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