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That is nice! A flat fee is good for an area like that. We have such a spread out area, I have delivered as far as 60 miles away. That is why mine is per mile.
How far do you deliver for $50?
Actually, the app says "Cake", my bad.
Agreed. I have a bookmark that is an app on my phone, I just click the purple block with the "C" and am directed to the recent posts.
I made 2 batches yesterday. The first one, I did according to the recipe, except for it only having 1 1/2 oz of gelatin because it was so thick already, I didn't think it could right! Haha I do recommend measuring it all out first, then adding it to the water all at once, since it is much easier to stir this way. The mold was pretty floppy, so I actually added the last 1/2 oz and a little more gelatin in, by using about 2 tsp of water and quickly stirring, the microwaving...
I don't buy my gelatin in boxes, but in a large food service container I tried putting 2 oz of gelatin in a 1/4 cup of water and it wouldn't mix! 2 oz of gelatin was about 3/8 of a cup, or 6 tablespoons. Does that seem right? I am clarifying the gelatin as well, since all the little bubbles bother me :-/ I just am letting it sit, then peeling the top marshamallowy, layer off, then nuking it again, letting it set without storing, and peeling it off again.And the weather is...
And is the gelatin measured by weight?
Hey blwilley, have you ever tried to rinse one out? I was wondering if the coconut oil would help with waterproofing/melting issues? I wonder about using a little more oil?
Not Kool in my my book! Gross! They do make natural strawberry flavor extract.
I have used gelatin in place of eggs very successfully. The ener-g and flax and such didn't work nearly as well. 1 Tb gelatin and 3 Tb hot water per egg. dissplve and slowly pour in blow while mixing. It isn't vegan though.
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