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I was a divorced mother of 3 on food stamps, and in 7 years I was able to buy a house, and put a commercial kitchen in the garage, with no debt. (except a mortgage) If I can do it (in Kentucky!) anyone can. I am not for cottage food laws, since they drag down prices. I already have 100 illegal bakers undercutting me.
I made 2 batches yesterday. The first one, I did according to the recipe, except for it only having 1 1/2 oz of gelatin because it was so thick already, I didn't think it could right! Haha I do recommend measuring it all out first, then adding it to the water all at once, since it is much easier to stir this way. The mold was pretty floppy, so I actually added the last 1/2 oz and a little more gelatin in, by using about 2 tsp of water and quickly stirring, the microwaving...
Otherwise it is just free learning. You have to sacrifice to a certain extent to further your skills.
I have only seen interns as unpaid employees. Start on the dishes and work toward icing and filling, then fondant work.
Yes it does, those people are crazy. But, there is "high end" "burlap" that doesn't shed, and of course SugarVeil makes a mold where you can make sugar burlap. Some people tape the back of it, to keep all the hairs off the tier behind it, but I imagine they still fall on the lower tiers.
Her stupid stand damaged the cake. End of story! I would CHARGE HER for the repair work.
Except for those of us with production type bakeries. I mix 2 bowls of vanilla buttercream, and every single cake gets the same icing color in the middle and the dams and "crumb coats" are all plain vanilla buttercream. Then they get bagged and labeled and stuck in the freezer. I don't really do a whole layer of icing for the crumb coat though, more scrape on, and scrape back off, just to seal it, and fill in all the holes.
They take a bite or two because it sucks. Duh. People eat the entire piece of my cakes. If you would rather buy a cake people aren't going to eat, and aren't worried about serving your guests(who most likely brought you a gift)  why don't you just put a framed picture of a cake on the table, and a little sign that says "Thanks for your time and energy, SUCKERS!!" Why not just go to the JP, and not have to worry about making your guests happy at all? I mean, it is better to...
My poor dear daughter does that. She is always so embarrassed, she just turned 10 on Monday, so I hope she does it for another 15 years, and disgusts all the boys
Wow, that chocolate "layer" looks like it might be the hump cut off the top of the cake.Before I got my agbay, I would lever against the top of the pan, and use a strong, fishing line, or dental floss to torte my cakes. Before separating, I would use a dab of buttercream to mark the layers so I would stack them back the way they came, since it wasn't perfect.
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