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I made Rhonda's chocolate MMF and I used dark cocoa. I'm very happy with the color and it doesn't taste too bad either. I like it much better then the true black recipe. Now I have to make only two more batches. Then try putting it on my cakes. Wish me luck! This Harley Davidson cake has put me in over my head. I just got done cutting out and painting the flames for it. That was a first for me too, but really fun to do! I like the practice and the experience. Thank you to...
Thanks, I made a batch of the true black mmf recipe and was not impressed. I'm going to try Rhonda's ultimate chocolate mmf. I hope it tastes better. Does anyone know of any cake supply stores in the Chicago area? I'm going that way tomorrow. Maybe I could buy some black Satin Ice fondant. Does that taste bad?
Thank you everyone. I'm still very confused. I was planning on making the True black MMF reciepe found here on CC it has semi sweet chocolate chips in it. I tried to look for Rhondas chocolate recipe but could not find it to compare the two. I wish I could just buy the stuff but can't find it here. I'm starting to freak out! I'll have to make a batch and see how it goes. Plus I don't want to make anyones mouth black at the party. I'll be there!
any one???
I'm baking cakes today for Saturday. Should I freeze them?
I'm planning on making true black mmf and was wondering how many batches I would have to make to cover one 6",one 8" and a 10" round cakes. Each 4" tall. I was also kind of wondering a silly question. With all the black coloring in it will it leave ones mouth black after eating it? Had to ask. I was also wondering if I can make it ahead of time and store it like regular mmf ?Thank you!
Is it possible to attach a chocolate transfer to the side of a chocolate mmf covered cake? How can I do this? The transfer would be 2 3/4" wide by 2" high. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks for the info on Vanilla Bean. I guess I'll pass. I was looking for fondant and impression mats, ect. Such a bummer!
Oh thank you ! I'll have to try it. Have fun with the family! I hope you find what your looking for
Oh! I'm sorry I really have no idea. Not to change the subject but do you have any idea how make a black chocolate mmf. I have to make a Harley Davidson cake. I was thinking of using mmf but I have never made chocolate mmf and was wondering how dark it will be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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