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The Mat is worth every penny you pay for it!!
This is my go to yellow cake. I had posted it on here but can't seem to find it with all the changes. This link shows her adjust recipe which includes 1 C of milk. I use her old recipe which does not have the milk in it.
I love my mat too! It took a couple of times to get it to be friendly though. I first used Satin Ice but haven't had the greatest luck lately with it so I am using Jennifer Dontz recipe. It requires a bit of work but the taste is so worth it.
Change is good...sometimes. I am being optimistic though and hoping they put the forum posts back on the front page like it used to be. I find that I am not wanting to spend the time to go look for new comments and I miss that.Crossing my fingers they bring it back.
I am wondering what medium you are using as well. I typically use a mix of fondant and gumpaste but sometimes I use all gumpaste as well. Getting your product very smooth and pliable and packing it in there very well are musts. If I am in a hurry I will put it in the freezer and it works fine.hth
Have you tried Etsy?
I don't use a whole lot of Wilton things but I could use some more disposable piping bags and thought I would pass this on to others. Hobby Lobby has 30% off all Wilton Cake stuff this week. I usually have the 40% to 50% off one item but this will help too. It expires 9-10-11.
Are there bakeries in town that might have the capabilities of doing this for you? I know it's short notice...
Thanks Leah! That helps a lot
I was hoping you would see that post.. I was thinking that it was a post by you that I had read and you shared what heights you used. My fear was making my cakes too tall and after I fill and frost that that they would end up over 4" and I would have to unstack and scrap filing of frosting. Does that make sense?Today is filling test day. I have a couple peanut butter filings picked out and will taste test today.If you were asked to do chocolate cake with raspberry...
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