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Great work, everyone!
Thank you for your thoughts!Be blessed!
This is my first guitar cake (and my first commissioned shaped cake). My father-in-law asked me to make it for his guitar group. I worked on this cake on and off for four days (baking, making my icings (buttercream & MMF), molding 50/50 accents, hand painting details ... and then doing the majority of the decorating the better part of the day before it was due (torting, filling, deco, assembling. This all took about six...
I just took a peep at it in your gallery. AWESOME!So, frost, crust; pipe in my "woodgrain" lines, crust ... and then Viva-it smooth? I think I'm going to try it!Thanks for the help, Icer101!!!If anyone else has some gallery examples, please let me know! My cake is due first thing Friday morning (Oct. 5)!
Do you have an example of this in your gallery? I also have a guitar cake to make and I'm having trouble visualizing this. I'm afraid I'll just screw it all up! LOL!
Do you think this would work with the Wilton Color Mist? I do not have an airbrush ...
Me, too! I'm gonna put it to use for a May birthday, though! You can get them in stores now. My hubby got mine from Walgreens.
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