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I have been teaching classes from home and received my cottage food certification. I tried to start a club a while back but not much interest. If u guys want to start something let me know I will get the ball rolling and have a place to have it at. Paula
Received my permit number today applied 3 days ago
How did you get the papers, I am looking on line, but all it shows is info about it on the gov website. Thanks for any help Paula  
Trying to figure out how to make it so it is upright the screen part any ideas?Thanks.
thanks. i am in california, so most websites except the overseas ones say will not ship to california... so i am going to get them.
If i buy them from overseas they will ship them. Will i get in to trouble using them?
As far as bidding no definitely not, I am delivering and serving cake. It is for my sons senior class- so not worried about being perishable because I will be with it the whole time. The white chocolate cake I am still narrowing down a recipe. But i will let u know when i do and put it down. Thanks again.
Making 3 tier 12,10 and 8 inchesLargest pumpkin cake with alternating pumpkin cream cheese filling/and praline fillingMiddle Chocolate cake alternating c chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse fillingTop tier White chocolate sour cream cake alternating white chocolate mousse/blueberry filling.This is a cake for a highschool I am donating my time and cake.Any other alternatives to these fillings or anybody have an excellent recipe for the filling i have listed.
I want to enter fair and decorate a cake the rules say you can use a dummy cake what and how to do this, how to make it/
Making a hawaiin cake for a luau. Need help figuring out the flower part, do you put the die in the dough first or are you painting the white a color?Does anyone have a pattern.
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