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I think some sort of refund is in order because according to your first post, you thought there might be a problem. Maybe you need to have two buttercream recipes so when a customer calls with this situation again you have a Plan B recipe. I use Sharon Sugar Shack's buttercream recipe with high ratio shortening. It holds up to heat and humidity just fine.
 I use ganache also and it has completely changed my fondant cakes. I also think very thin fondant (rolled to 1/16" thick) is easier to get smooth.
I use bubble tea straws for all my cakes. They are easy to work with, cheap and very strudy. I hammer 2 offset wooden dowels (one end sharpened) all the way through my cakes. Each cake has 2 cardboard cake circles hot glued together under it. The bottom tier has the cake circles glued to a 1/2" thick cake drum (I get mine from global sugar art). I like 2 boards because it is sturdier when I am moving the cakes from counter to fridge to counter to fridge.... The big...
 I have the double blade Agbay too. It has been one of the best investments I ever made.
I work full time and decorate cakes on the side as, what started as a hobby, and is now a full flege business (licensed home bakery). Last year was my busiest year. I wanted to see: 1. What I could personally handle 2. How many orders I could book with my current advertising (when I turn away orders I can't really get an accurate booking rate) Well, I took up to 3 orders per weekend - most of those orders were from May - Nov (wedding season in NE Ohio) and it almost...
I use 1/16" fondant and 3/16" - 1/4" ganache. I like having sharp edges so I need the fondant to be thin. Plus, thinner fondant is way easier to cut and people are more likely to eat it.
 I will have to look into getting one of thse cutters. That would save a ton of time. And I agree, if a cutter is used I won't charge extra for the snowflakes.On a side note, Cathy, we are practically neighbors. I am in OH too.
Since you use a recipe with high ratio shortening you should be fine with the all buttercream option. As long as the cake is in the shade you should be fine with the white chocolate ganache options. I use a buttercream with high ratio shortening and deliver cakes to outdoor wedding receptions all the time. I deliver the cakes (or cupcakes) 2 hours before the reception starts so I am done before any guests arrive. There has never been a problem.
I agree with Kathy. But I would also add an extra fee for the snowflakes. Those are time consuming to make.Personally I would charge:$4.50/serving for fondant covered cake (includes filling) = $135Crown = $20Images = $15Snowflakes = $20Total = $190But, instead of the edible images I would tell the client they had to buy Frozen figurine toys at the local store to put on the cakes because the images are copyright and unless permission is grated, illegal to put on a...
For red and black and I use Fondarific precolored fondant. For everything else I use Massa Grischuna Neutral. It is the best fondant!
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