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I don't know what my above post looks like the entire post is a quote. Only the top couple lines is a quote. The rest is my response.
It looks to me that the wrapped look on the top of the cake is just painted fondant. The hose is attached to the side we can't see in the pic. Maybe the fondant is 2 peices - one for the top (painted) and one wrapped around the side so the hose and side fondant is one piece. You can make the hose wrinkled by getting the shape you want and holding it there with paper towels for a couple days to harden up.
I said I don't use wooden dowels if I stack on site. I never said I didn't use bubble tea straws for support. I always use bubble tea straws for support in all my cakes, no matter the size.
I like to use white chocolate ganache under fondant. I like the white chocolate vs chocolate because if I have to take the fondant off because it tears or wrinkles the white chocolate doesn't affect the color of the fondant when I roll it back out. I just use a 3:1 ratio (3 parts white chocolate and 1 part heavy whipping cream). I don't use white chocolate chips. I buy white chocolate from my local cake decorating store in large 5 lb bags. You can use the chips, but...
I quit using buttercream under fondant. Now all my fondant iced cakes are iced with white chocolate ganache. The ganache holds up really well to the weight of fondant. I roll my fondant to 1/16" thick. It is so thin you can almost see my through it to my counter underneath. Are you letting your cakes settle once filled? When I fill my cakes I let them settle overnight before icing and covering with fondant.
Is there a way to purchase the tutorial without a facebook account? I don't have one and I don't want one.
My cakes are not dense at all. I do chill the finished cakes overnight to firm the cake and icing for delivery. I do this whether my delivery is 2 miles or 200 miles from my house. I don't like SPS for supports. I use bubble tea straws and wooden dowels. If I stack on site at the venue I do not insert wooden dowels into the cake. This is the cake I made for my SIL's wedding 4 hours from my...
I am wondering why the family rented you a cabin near the wedding? Was that so you didn't have to travel the three hours it would have taken you from your house to the venue? I have once delivered a cake for a friend's wedding 7 hours away. I did everything at my house except the stacking. This was for all the reasons you just listed in your post going wrong. Last month my SIL's wedding was 4 hours away. Again, I did everything but stack the cake at my house. I did...
My purple icing only fades when exposed to sunlight. I don't have any suggestion except to keep the cupcakes/cake out of sunlight.
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